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Cookbook Review


Cookbook Review

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If we had added only one cookbook to the Kitchens of The Food Channel this season, our consensus is it would have to be this one: “Christmas Sweets”:
Christmas Sweets: 65 Festive Recipes – Table Decorations – Sweet Gift Ideas by Georgeanne Brennan (published by Chronicle Books).

One look inside and you know that you have something different here. These are recipes that anyone can make, with ingredients you probably have in your cupboard. For example, want to make the Individual Apple Puddings with Crème Chantilly? Sounds complicated, huh? Well, you use egg bread or brioche for the base, so it’s a simple bakery stop and you are halfway to a great dessert. The rest is just as easy. The only ingredient not already in most cupboards may be the 2 T. of Cointreau, but orange-flavored liqueur will work just as well. The crème chantilly is simply crème fraiche, which can be made using heavy cream with a little apple cider vinegar.

The next takeaway idea we love is the Candy Wreath Napkin Rings. How easy could it be to buy peppermint rings, add a little ribbon and a bell, and insert napkin! This is a great craft project for any of your groups next year, and there are plenty more ideas in this book. Such as a recipe for Turkish Delight (for you C.S. Lewis fans), or Sugared Walnuts, which make a great treat to share with your neighbors. A few of our friends next year will probably receive the Fruit Vinegar Gifts found on page 89. Easy and elegant!

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We are featuring the Pecan Lace Cookies recipe in our recipe section. It has only nine ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Drizzle a little chocolate, add a cup of tea, and you have a great wintertime treat.

Beautifully illustrated with photography by Richard G. Jung, this book is highly recommended for its look and usability.




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