Sammies, How We Love Ya.

Sammies, How We Love Ya.


Sammies, How We Love Ya.

The chief selling point of these new Flatbread Sammies from Quizno’s, to judge by the company’s marketing promotion, is the sandwich’s size. In a word: small. And in a fast food world of gigantic burgers and ever-larger portion sizes, these little flatbread sandwiches do stand out in their smallness. But considering you can finish one off in about four or five bites, these little toasted beauties pack a lot of flavor.

Sammies now come in six varieties priced at an even $2 each (What? Not $1.99? Did these guys skip Marketing 101?). There’s Sonoma Turkey, Bistro Steak Melt, Alpine Chicken, and Italiano. We tried the Turkey Sonoma and Alpine Chicken and both were quite tasty.

The Turkey Sonoma comes with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a chipotle mayo sauce that has a nice spicy kick. It clocks in at an even 300 calories, a pretty healthy choice if you’re going to eat just one.

The Alpine Chicken adds bacon, lettuce and tomato, Swiss cheese and ranch dressing to the thinly sliced chicken and contains just 310 calories.

New 200-Calorie Choices

Quizno’s has just introduced two new Sammies that have only 200 calories each. The new Balsamic Chicken and Black Angus Steak varieties boast healthy ingredients such as Romaine lettuce, tomato and fat-free balsamic dressing. A 200-calorie sandwich for 2 bucks? Has a nice symmetry to it.

But the real hero of these little gems is the soft, fluffy flatbread that holds all these ingredients together. It comes out warm, toasty and really satisfying.

Guys with big appetites may come away feeling less than filled up after eating only one, even with an accompanying bag of chips. In fact Quizno’s kind of admits this; its Sammies Meal offering features two Sammies with a fountain drink and side for $5.99.

But for those who want just a bite to eat (almost literally), one of these diminutive sandwiches with a bag of baked chips and an ice water will be a choice that’s healthy, thrifty and yummy.



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