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A New Twist on Tongs

The Food Channel chefs took turns trying out the new cook-n-serve tongs from Zyliss, the Swiss Innovation people.

Overall, they liked its ergonomic design and versatility. Chef Gail approved how its longer design allows extended reach.
A handy slide button on either side makes it easy to lock the tool in the open or closed position using only one hand.

We found these tongs to be ideal for quickly grabbing up great quantities of cooked spaghetti or other noodle pastas, and it can also be used as a stirring tool.

All chefs liked how the silicone-padded handle remains cool to the touch even when kept near a hot grill. The silicone tips were appreciated for their ability to grab and turn delicate foods
such as fish fillets or veggies without cutting into the food (the way regular metal tongs can). Plus, they won’t scratch cookware with nonstick surfaces. Zyliss claims the silicone tips are heat resistant to 600€F.

We did find inside of the handle to be a bit too sharp for comfort. It’s pretty easy to pinch the inside of your palm when closing the tool. Ouch. And all agreed that the angle of the tip was a little awkward at first, and took some getting used to.

With an SRP of $14.99, we did find it to be a bit pricey.

More information can be found here.

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