Tyson Convoy Brings Relief to Hurricane-Stricken States

Tyson Convoy Brings Relief to Hurricane-Stricken States

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Tyson Convoy Brings Relief to Hurricane-Stricken States

A rumbling fleet of 26 tractor-trailer trucks made an impressive sight as it headed southbound out of Northwest Arkansas last week toting tons of food to towns and cities in the hurricane-ravaged states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Tyson Foods headquarters in Springdale, Ark., received word from food banks the company works with regularly that the need for hunger relief in states hit by the hurricanes goes beyond the coastal areas directly pounded by Gustav and Ike. Also needing assistance are inland areas where caring for evacuees puts strains on the food banks and relief agencies—not to mention the extra stress imposed by the downturn in the U.S. economy.

So Tyson got to work, sending truckload after truckload of food, with at least one truckload going to each of the 18 Feeding America food bank members in Texas, the 5 in Louisiana, and the 3 serving Mississippi.

This short, un-narrated video shows the dramatic caravan of Tyson eighteen-wheelers, stretching about as far as the eye can see, with truck drivers honking as they proudly rolled out on their mission of mercy.



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