Welch's Lickable Ads Lead to Tasty Sales

Welch's Lickable Ads Lead to Tasty Sales

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Welch's Lickable Ads Lead to Tasty Sales

Remember when we featured this advertisement earlier in the year? (If not, check it out here).

Well, now we know it was a successful test on the Sensory Appeal of the advertisement. They stepped out on a ledge, and it’s helping to rejuvenate the brand.

According to Advertising Age, a study showed that people were a little leery of licking. They report, “Of the 328 people interviewed, just 29% tried them, with women more likely than men to give it a shot.”

However, the ad itself apparently hit the tasteful button because 70% of those surveyed remembered seeing the ad, and most of that number actually either spread the word or bought the juice. In other words, it brought Welch’s lots of free publicity and some good sales. Will we see other lickable ads? Or is one enough for people to swallow?

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