What is the reason for using ‘unsalted’ butter?

What is the reason for using ‘unsalted’ butter?

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What is the reason for using ‘unsalted’ butter?

Q: What is the reason for using unsalted butter?

The Food Channel Answer: Sweet cream butter was generally unsalted, and most older recipes do not show a differentiation. When longer shelf life for food products became an issue, salt was added as a preservative. As salt-free diets became necessary, you began to see the “unsalted” labeling. When using salted butter in an older recipe without a distinction, you might want to lower the amount of salt by 1/2 teaspoon per cup of butter used. However, the difference is minute and generally does not impact the taste or quality of your cooked or baked item. In simple terms, use unsalted butter if you want to be true to older recipes and/or if you are interested in lowering your salt intake.

See a recipe using unsalted butter. And, check out the Plugra recipe using unsalted butter as well!

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