Top Ten Things Overheard at the Black Party

Top Ten Things Overheard at the Black Party


Top Ten Things Overheard at the Black Party

From the “you had to be there” category: The Top Ten Things Overheard at the Black Party:

10. “I think I’ll write a blog about that. Or maybe I’ll just Tweet.”

9. “If I sit here awhile, do you think the sushi chef will make me something special?”

8. “Have you been interviewed by The Food Channel yet?”

7. “Where can I get another of those signature black mojito drinks?”

6. “I want you to meet so and so. She’s the one over there in black.”

5. “Who turned out the lights?”

4. “Tell me again that the economy is going to get better.”

3. “Is Black really a color?”

2. “How many of your employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

1. “Can I have one of those globes?”



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