Apples Ripe for the Picking

Apples Ripe for the Picking

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Apples Ripe for the Picking

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, school’s back in session, and the swimming pool is being drained. BUT…here at The Food Channel, we’re looking forward to all the great things fall has in store for us.

But here at The Food Channel, rather than looking in the rearview mirror at the summer just past, we’re looking forward to all the great things fall has in store for us.

Football kicks off…and that means tailgating with tasty, hearty foods.

The weather is finally cooling down…so we’re ready to open the oven door again and do some serious baking.


Apple season is getting underway! Apple cider, apple pies, and all kinds of wonderful apple things await.

We’ve got lots of delicious apple recipes and articles about the wonders of the original forbidden fruit. And we’ve collected many of our favorites right here.

We say “Welcome, Fall!” May all your apples be crisp!


Sweet Apple Dumplings

Country Apple Tart

Mini Apple Cakes with Cider Glaze

Sweet Apple Dumplings

Alpine Apple Snow

Apple and Sausage Patties

Apple Butter Tarts

Apple Pancakes


An Apple a Day…Now More than Ever

Ancient English Apple Could Be Key to Hear Health Breakthrough

Aussie Scientists Develop Apple That Won’t Go Bad



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