Flamous Organics

Flamous Organics


Flamous Organics

Through its creative process, Flamous Brands, Inc. brings delicious, natural, organic, wholesome food items to you in a readily available, shelf stable packaging well suited for our modern times and life styles. The company specializes in bringing Old World recipes to the new world. The first innovative product is Falafel Chips™ — the only chip approved by www.kidkritics.com. A good source of protein and fiber, the chips are low in sodium with no added sugar, and are kosher, gluten free, vegetarian, with no additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring. The company’s most recent introduction of the world’s first Hummus Dressing is another indication of the continued innovation and commitment to a tasty-healthy product offering. For more information visit www.flamousbrands.com.



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