Food and Wine Treasures at the Champagne Patio

Food and Wine Treasures at the Champagne Patio


Food and Wine Treasures at the Champagne Patio

By Ron Schie, Special Correspondent to The Food Channel

Food and wine treasures can be found at the Champagne Patio Restaurant  and Wine Shop in Newport, Oregon.

Christine and Joseph Swafford have returned to take charge of the restaurant and wine shop they started in 1981. Along with Executive Chef Eric Machuca, the Champagne Patio is preparing some of the very best regional and seasonal food on the Oregon Coast. The menu changes every two to three weeks to feature the seafood being caught in the local waters, or produce from the area. The  variety of Pacific Northwest mushroom is currently being offered.

With one of the best selections of wine from the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Coast, the dining experience is made even more appealing by offering the wine at retail shelf price, without the usual restaurant mark-up.

Open for lunch Tuesday – Saturday, and serving dinner with pairing menu available on Friday and Saturday.

Champagne Patio
1630 North Coast Highway
Newport, Oregon  97365



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