Hit the Streets

Hit the Streets


Hit the Streets

There’s nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast.

That’s how my morning started, as I went to the Executive Leader’s breakfast at the NRA show. I didn’t exactly eat pizza, but I did see how Scott Baitinger of Streetza Pizza, has gathered such a following.

For one thing, he believes in his product. For another, he’s an innovative marketer who is willing to pass on his lessons learned. And, he has a fun company, pure and simple.

Streetza started with a pizza truck just a year ago, when Baitinger bought an ice cream truck and retrofitted it for pizza. The Milwaukee food truck became a hit because it allowed Baitinger to, well, hit the streets with his ideas.

He told us, ‘Create fascinating materials for people to interact with.’ And, as seen in our trends over the past two years (see the 2010 dessert trends for example), street trucks are fascinating. And, potentially a great career starter. Says Baitinger, ‘It’s a great way for young chefs to get in the business without a lot of money.’

In fact, Baitinger says any independent operator could have a street truck.

So, for all of you out there building a resume . . . hit the streets!



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