Earthquake Cocktail Meant to Calm the Nerves

Earthquake Cocktail Meant to Calm the Nerves

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Earthquake Cocktail Meant to Calm the Nerves

The big question has been, “Did you feel it?” Well, companies are marking the Virginia earthquake in fun ways–including Riazul Premium Tequila that claims it needed a new drink to “calm the nerves of jittery nightclub patrons.”

Called the Tremblement de Anejo, the cocktail is an adapted version of the classic Earthquake cocktail (or Tremblement de Terre) attributed to French painter Toulouse-Lautrec. The name is a reference to the fact that the potent mixture creates a tremor within the imbiber.

The Tremblement de Anejo will be on tap starting this weekend (and available through Labor Day) at Manhattan Meat Packing District’s MPD Restaurant and Georgica restaurant Waintscott (in the Hamptons).

Want to make it at home? Riazul tequila offers a three-part cocktail recipe for at-home mixology–just click here.



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