Super Party Food Ideas from Chef Aaron Sanchez

Super Party Food Ideas from Chef Aaron Sanchez


Super Party Food Ideas from Chef Aaron Sanchez

The Food Channel had a chance to hook up with celebrity chef Aarón Sanchez just before the Super Bowl. He showed off some cocktail and party food ideas with his trademark Latin flair.

Chef Sanchez has appeared on such TV series as Chefs vs. City, Chopped, and the Next Iron Chef. He is the owner and executive chef of New York’s restaurant Centrico, as well as the culinary force behind Tacombi.  He is considered to be among the country’s leading contemporary Latin Chefs.

The multi-talented restaurateur, television personality, consultant, spokesperson and cookbook author executes a wonderful shrimp tostada appetizer recipe for the cameras, one that’s perfect for just about any party occasion–not just Super Bowl parties.



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