Latest Food TV: Time Machine Chefs

Latest Food TV: Time Machine Chefs

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Latest Food TV: Time Machine Chefs

Get ready to go back in time to those thrilling culinary days of . . . the Middle Ages?

Yep, soon we will all be able to get a vicarious taste of what it was like to be a top chef serving kings and queens centuries ago via a new reality TV show, “Time Machine Chefs,” premiering this month in prime time on ABC.

Four popular chefs will try to create culinary masterpieces of bygone eras using no modern appliances, running water or electricity—because those things did not exist, in, say, 1416 a.d.

It’s kind of The Food Network meets The History Channel, but it’s not on Cable, it’s on regular network television.

The show’s competing chefs, using only the most basic kitchen equipment, imagination, wits, and culinary craftsmanship, will attempt to impress three esteemed judges:

  • Nancy Silverton, cookbook author
  • Dave Arnold, of the French Culinary Institute in NYC
  • Silvena Rowe, cookbook author and chef of Quince restaurant in London’s May Fair Hotel

The winning chef will be modestly crowned “The Greatest Chef in History.”

“Time Machine Chefs” is produced by Breakfast Anytime Inc. Rick Hurvitz and Ari Shofet are the executive producers of the program, which will be broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HTV format, with stereo sound.

The show premieres August 16 at 9 p.m., ET.

You know, they could probably do this show in my kitchen. We really need a makeover at my house.



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