Monster Cereals Meet DC Comics

And the flavor winner is still Count Chocula!

Monster Cereals Meet DC Comics


Monster Cereals Meet DC Comics

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What do you get when you play off BOTH the nostalgia and the interest in high end comics of the Millennial? General Mills figured it out when they rebranded a set of Monsters Cereals just in time for Halloween.

This year—in fact, on shelves now—Count Chocula™, Franken Berry™ and Boo Berry™ have a brand new look thanks to a partnership with DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics, and four of its artists. DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee redesigned Boo Berry, Dave Johnson gave Franken Berry a facelift, and Terry and Rachel Dodson restyled Count Chocula.

“There are many lifelong fans of Monsters Cereal at DC Entertainment so we were excited when the Monsters team at General Mills reached out to us to help design their packaging,” said Lee. “It’s not Halloween without Monsters, and we hope everyone loves the new designs just as much as we do.”

The packaging is available as limited-edition collector’s items for the 2014 Halloween season, so if you snag a box you might want to hang onto it.

Inside each box is the cereal Millennial and Gen X kids grew up eating while watching Saturday morning cartoons. In our Food Channel taste test, nothing had really changed (unless you account for the difference in semi-grown ups’ taste buds as compared to when we were kids). Count Chocula still turned our cereal milk into chocolate, for example, and was still the universal favorite of the three flavors.

The first Monster Cereal debuted in 1971 with Count Chocula, followed by Franken Berry and then Boo Berry. Over the years, all three cereals have taken their place as icons of pop culture at Halloween.

True fans of the icons can follow the Monsters online using the hashtag, #MonsterCereal.


Check out these recipes for Monster Marshmallow BarsMonster Mash Cookies or this one for Boo Berry Bark for even more fun!



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