Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Some believe the fifth of May marks the celebration of Mexico’s independence; however, that’s not true. Cinco celebrates the Battle of Puebla, which occurred May 5, 1862.

Net/net, the Mexican army won an unlikely victory and the day has long been a celebration of the underdog.

At The Food Channel, we salute underdogs everywhere and raise a toast with some of our favorite margaritas.

Golden Peach Margarita

  • The Golden Peach Margarita (recipe here)

Classic Margarita

  • The Classic Margarita (recipe here)

Margaritas for a crowd

  • Margaritas for a Crowd, because if they’re good, you’ll end up with one (recipe here)

Margarita Mousse

  • And for something a little different, Margarita Mousse, the perfect end to a perfect celebration (recipe here).

Celebrate your inner underdog this Cinco de Mayo – and remember, always enjoy and partake responsibly.




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