Our Top 10 Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day

Our Top 10 Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day

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Our Top 10 Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day

November 3 is National Sandwich Day, which provides the perfect reason to showcase our Food Channel top 10 sandwiches. According to Sandwich America, nearly 7 in 10 restaurants offer some type of sandwich on the menu and Americans eat an average of 3.7 sandwiches per week.

Our consumer insights partner, Culturewaves, has been tracking trends in portable foods since the early ’90s. Sandwiches have been around since the 1st century or earlier and have enjoyed a surge in popularity lately.

Once more valued for its portability and convenience, today’s sandwich takes on a variety of forms, with ingredient options limited only by your imagination. Our favorites include classics with a contemporary twist and those reflecting the flavor explosion of ethnic influences.

Nashville Hot

Nashville Hot Sandwich. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

This craveable fiery-hot regional sandwich has jumped from local Nashville restaurants to menus everywhere to become one hot sandwich trend.

Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich

Eggs Benedict Sandwich. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Everything you love about the indulgent flavor of an Eggs Benedict sandwich for a weekend brunch can be easily translated into a breakfast sensation!

Grilled Pimento BLT

Pimento Grilled Cheese BLT. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

This delicious mash-up pairs the comfort food appeal of a grilled pimento cheese sandwich with a classic BLT.

Lunchbox Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Lunchbox Buffalo Chicken. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

This easy-to-assemble sandwich revs up the flavor with lean deli-sliced Buffalo chicken as a tasty alternative to plain deli-sliced ham or turkey.

Lobster Club Sandwich
Lobster Club Sandwich

Lobster Club Sandwich. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Buttery-rich lobster seasoned with a squeeze of fresh lemon, toasted ciabatta bread, crisp bacon, ripe tomato, spring greens and fresh-made lemon aioli—we’ve gone all out to create the ultimate club sandwich.

Watkins Glen Speedway Pierogi Burger
Watkins Glen Speedway Pierogi Burgers

Watkins Glen Speedway Pierogi Burger. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

The Watkins Glen Speedway Pierogi Burger is new on the menu at “The Glen.” This classic Northeastern-inspired burger adds the comforting flavors of savory pan-fried potato-and-cheese filled pierogis and grilled onions to an all-American burger.

PB&J Grilled Cheese Sandwich
PB&J Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon

PB&J Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Luscious melted sharp white Cheddar cheese, salty crispy bacon, creamy peanut butter and a touch of sweet blackberry preserves!

New Hampshire Maple Monte Cristo
A delicious Monte Cristo sandwich on a plate.

Maple Monte Cristo Sandwich from the Kitchens of The Food Channel.

We paired smoky-sweet griddled country ham, gooey melted Fontina and creamy maple Dijon sauce together for our Monte Cristo sandwich and then drenched it in real maple syrup for the perfect brunch or late-night sandwich recipe.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Banh Mi

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Banh Mi. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

This spicy-fresh Vietnamese sandwich layers thin slices of tender marinated grilled pork tenderloin with crunchy pickled veggies, fresh-cut jalapeno, thin ribbons of cucumber and spicy chile mayo on a French baguette.

And leading up to Thanksgiving…

Turkey Sliders with Mac & Cheese

Turkey Slider Sandwiches. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Wow the “kids table” with these roast turkey and cheese sliders with-a-twist! We added the craveable flavor of gooey-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside mac & cheese bites to our mini sliders for added fun.

Happy National Sandwich Day!



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