Top 10 Ways Americans Love Potatoes

Top 10 Ways Americans Love Potatoes

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Top 10 Ways Americans Love Potatoes

National Potato Day falls in August and the folks at National Today, a site devoted to celebrating quirky and fun holidays, recently polled more than 1,000 Americans on their favorite ways to enjoy potatoes.

With less than 1 percent of respondents saying they don’t like French fries, it’s no surprise what tops the list. Here’s a look at the top 10, but be sure to scroll down for Food Channel recipes featuring potatoes.

  • French Fries (16 percent)
  • Mashed (15 percent)
  • Baked (12 percent)
  • Hash Browns (11 percent)
  • Tater Tots (8 percent)
  • Potato Salad (8 percent)
  • Potato Wedges (8 percent)
  • Twice Baked (7 percent)
  • Skins (6 percent)
  • Potato Soup (5 percent)

Garlic French Fries Recipe

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

Smoked Cheddar Double-Baked Potatoes




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