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A perfectly spiced apple pie with a tangy bite that perfectly compliments the apples. And the surprise? I added some summer (…)

31 Dec 17

My kids didn’t have a clue that I put summer squash in these soft, sweet cookies. Almost as spongy as a whoopie pie cake but so (…)

30 Dec 17

Yup! In case you are asking, this really does taste like Buffalo Wings, but a whole lot easier to make and I think much tastier! This (…)

29 Dec 17

Ragouts are usually heavily spiced and are considered a stew in many kitchens. But here, eating it with a fork is just as easy as a spoon. (…)

27 Dec 17

A tasty Italian rendition of the Baked Beans we enjoy in New England, but taking a fraction of the time to prepare. Although the Native (…)