Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreaths

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreaths

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreaths

Prep Time

20 minutes

Cook Time

5 minutes


32 people

These cute little holiday wreaths make a thoughtful gift. People love the salty-sweet flavor combination.

Why Try? A personally-prepared food gift means more than something simply purchased at the mall…and these chocolate-covered pretzels are really quick and easy to make.

You can use vanilla almond bark if you want white “wreaths.” Around the holidays, you can find pretzels in various shapes such as Christmas trees or snowmen. We use the circles and turn them into Christmas wreaths.


  • 2 (20 ounce) packages chocolate almond bark
  • 1 (9.25 ounce) bag of salted pretzels
  • 2 (2 ounce) jars multicolor sprinkles


  • 1 Melt almond bark in a double broiler or in the microwave on 50 percent power, about 3 squares at a time. Be careful not to let it burn.
  • 2 Drench pretzels in the melted chocolate so that they are completely coated. Place on cookie sheet or other flat surface.
  • 3 Add sprinkles quickly so they will stick to the chocolate.
  • 4 Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours or overnight to harden chocolate.



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