Kid's Caviar

photo of crackers topped with boba flavor pearls that looks like caviar for kids

Kid's Caviar

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time




Children love to mimic their parents, so next time you bring out the fancy caviar appetizers for your guests, don’t skip the kiddos!

This Kid Caviar has a delicious sugar cookie base with a generous spread of Greek yogurt frosting, topped with our favorite Bursting Bobas.

So fun and so delicious!

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  • Sugar cookies, baked and cut
  • Greek yogurt frosting
  • Fruit Boba


  • 1 Cut the sugar cookies into bite-sized shapes.
  • 2 Spread the Greek yogurt frosting generously onto the sugar cookies.
  • 3 Top with Fruit Boba flavor of your choice.



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