90 Second Baked Eggs with Rosemary, Garlic & Parmesan

90 Second Baked Eggs with Rosemary, Garlic & Parmesan

Hi, I’m Cari with The Food Channel and today is the day you’re going to enhance your reputation as a cook with this baked egg dish.  Let’s go!

Baked eggs with Rosemary, garlic and Parmesan cheese


First you’ll want to combine your Parmesan, garlic and herbs in a small bowl. I’ve got fresh parsley, rosemary and thyme–almost like the song! Mix it well, we’ll use this in just a bit.


Next ,in small baking dishes, place about a half tablespoon of butter into each one, and about a tablespoon of cream in each one. Simply place under a preheated broiler to melt.


Now remove from the oven and place two eggs into each of the baking dishes. Since you have to move quickly it helps to have the eggs already portioned out.


Now sprinkle egg and cream mixture with Parmesan herb blend. Season with salt and pepper. Carefully move the dishes back to the broiler for another five minutes or so, or until the egg whites are almost cooked.

This dish is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner!  Now get in the kitchen!


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