3 Classic American Milkshakes

3 Classic American Milkshakes

According to polls in the US, a thick ice cream based milkshake is the most popular drink to go with a burger!

So, with that in mind, our Chefs at Rattan Direct have created three simple classic milkshake recipes to pair with your favorite burger.

The base of any classic milkshake is vanilla ice cream – regardless of milkshake flavor. Choose good quality vanilla ice cream, and let it defrost to the consistency of soft scoop.

We used whole milk, but you could use skim if desired. You can even choose a plant-based milk and ice cream – there are so many good non-dairy alternatives these days!

Want to see the recipe? Be sure to click here!

The quantities of ingredients may need to be tweaked slightly depending on the glasses you use. We used a standard volume stemless sundae glass.

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