Italian Nachos a Big Hit

Italian Nachos a Big Hit

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Italian Nachos a Big Hit


I whipped my head around to see what was causing culinary comment, and saw a row of dishes sitting up waiting to be carried out to tables. It was obvious which one was attracting attention. It was piled high with . . . what? We couldn’t really tell what it was, other than that it looked big.

So we asked our waitress, who actually had to go check—again, that’s how new this dish is. When she returned, she delivered the words of my new favorite appetizer: Italian Nachos.

We scanned the menu and didn’t see them, then realized they were on the second menu – you know the ones restaurants use now to get your attention for featured items? There it was, Italian Nachos. The description included words such as pasta chips, alfredo, four cheese blend, pepperoni, Italian sausage, kalamata olives, hot cherry peppers, green onions, and a balsamic reduction. What’s not to love?

So, we added it to our order and shared it among the six adults, with plenty to go around. The pasta chips were tasty by themselves, although with the toppings they were really delicious. If you don’t like the strong taste of kalamata olives, just pass yours to someone else (me, me!), but otherwise no one had any complaints and we finished them off with a flourish and a promise. We will be ordering those again.

That’s what’s cooking in . . . well, not my kitchen, but one I like to frequent! What’s cooking in yours?


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