Adding Ounces and Losing Inches

Adding Ounces and Losing Inches

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Adding Ounces and Losing Inches


The Food Channel is pleased to be a part of the Global Water Way Challenge. The campaign is sponsored by Crystal Light, and that company has committed to support water conservation, education and research in the United States, bringing clean water to people in need. So over the next weeks and months you’ll find more posts here about water.

Gaining Ounces and Losing Inches

After skipping dessert, counting calories, and exercising every day, the number you see on the scale may not be a satisfying one. But what about drinking water to help you slim down?

Drinking more water is arguably one of the first steps to helping you lose weight. If you are one of the many wrestling with weight issues, incorporating more water into your daily routine may make a big difference.

Read about the 5 ways water can help in your quest to lose weight at Crystal Light.


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