Dark Chocolate Chimpanzee Bar Requested by Astronaut

Dark Chocolate Chimpanzee Bar Requested by Astronaut

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Dark Chocolate Chimpanzee Bar Requested by Astronaut


By Cari Martens

NASA has apparently bought into the benefits of dark chocolate. Now reports say it’s sending Endangered Species Chocolate’s Supreme Dark Chocolate ‘chimpanzee’ bar along on a space shuttle mission. Apparently a crew member of an upcoming mission requested the bar as a snack aboard the shuttle.

Flight STS-119, headed for the International Space Station, launches February 12, 2009. United Space Alliance (USA), the company responsible for procuring ‘fresh food’ for the mission, purchased eight dark chocolate bars, one for each crew member. USA says that there is limited space on the shuttle for ‘fresh food,’ meaning food that isn’t freeze dried and specially packaged for space.

Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to help support species, habitat and humanity. This year, ESC will partner with African Wildlife Foundation and Ocean Conservancy.
The company is also preparing to launch a new foundation in early 2009.

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