Jimmy Football and The Grooler

Jimmy Football and The Grooler

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Jimmy Football and The Grooler


By Cari Martens

If you’ve been watching TV lately—especially football games—you’ve probably seen the commercials for Bud Light featuring the irrationally exuberant Jimmy Football.

Jimmy is seen hawking a bunch of seemingly fake ‘tailgate-approved’ products in front of a highly excitable audience. The must-have items include such things as the Foozie, a foam finger/beer coozie; the Tailgate Companion, a jacket for a dog with sleeves for carrying cans of beer and condiments; and the Natural Fake Grass Can Coozie.

What you might not realize is, you can actually buy these silly-sounding gadgets online.

Another of the items, the Grooler, a contraption that combines a pop-up grill with dual coolers—all on wheels, no less—has been sold out at Bud Light’s Tailgate Approved site for several weeks. It sells for ‘only’ $125.

Recession? What recession? The Grooler is apparently something America NEEDS. Am I right, Jimmy?

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