The Flavors of Fall: Publisher's Corner

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The Flavors of Fall: Publisher's Corner

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The Flavors of Fall: Publisher's Corner


The flavors of fall used to be cinnamon and nutmeg, mingled periodically with sage and toasted pecan. Have no fear, those flavors are still strong—but we’ve added much more to an increasingly global palate.

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

Natalia Y//Unsplash

When our insights people at CultureWaves took a look at the flavors of Autumn, they called out pumpkin (of course—it’s still popular this year), caramel, pomegranate, pear, sweet potato, and honey. Those are all flavors we are already incorporating into our cooking on a regular basis, and they will be the flavors that evoke fall for our children for years to come.

What’s growing includes butternut squash, walnut, and stronger vegetable flavors such as those found in Brussel Sprouts. And, wait for it—the flavors that are emerging include more maple, cardamom, harissa (a blend of hot chiles, garlic and more—expect heat), ginger, and Baharat (a peppery Middle Eastern spice).

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Calum Lewis//Unsplash

Without question, our palates are handling hotter spices and are willing to be a bit more adventurous. We’re watching Ghost Pepper, more varieties of balsamic vinegar, and stronger flavors such as anise pop up. We’re also embracing flavors that tend to help even things out, like jicama and pear, plantain and pineapple . . . and have you noticed, orange seems to be an ingredient in everything

The nice part of this is that we’re embracing new flavors as new experiences in dining, allowing us to branch out just a little—without sacrificing the tried and true. So, while harissa may not yet be on your holiday table, we bet a little ginger or maple is showing up.

Stay tuned for a review of our Winter Flavors, too… coming soon.


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