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07 Feb 19

Many recipes use a dozen ingredients for a jerk sauce, but there is simply no need. I think you’ll truly love this Salisbury Jerky Burger (…)

17 Dec 18

This cinnamon roll recipe just seems natural to me. Instead of white yeast bread with no sweetness used in most other cinnamon roll (…)

14 Dec 18

Hasselback this and Hasselback that….EVERYONE is on the Hasselback bandwagon. Now my turn! I adore this dish and I think you will as (…)

29 Nov 18

Who doesn’t like peanut brittle? Show of hands please! I thought so. But, Peanut Brittle Cake? Picture in your mind your favorite cake with (…)

29 Nov 18

This Acorn Vichyssoise a French cream soup that’s traditionally served cold, is equally delicious hot, and it’s guaranteed not to last long! (…)