Pear Bellini

Pear Bellini

In a pot, place all of the ingredients but the pears, bring to a boil so the sugar can dissolve and lover to a simmer, add the pears and cover them with a towel so they can be simmered.

Leave them for approximately 20 min or until tender, depend on the size. In a mixing glass, muddle the pear with the pear nectar, once a uniform puree is created, add the ice and 1/2 oz of Champagne, and slowly stir.  When the champagne stops foaming, add the other 1.5 oz.

Serve it chilled in a flute glass. The color is dark pink with red veins, the smell makes us think of fall afternoons, and the taste is balanced and yet refreshing. A very classy and refined cocktail.

Perfect as a pre-dinner drink for your fall home dinners!



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