Pecan Crescents

Pecan Crescents

Holidays are a time to celebrate tradition. And this year for Mother’s Day I want to celebrate my great-grandmother, Rose Schade, and her Pecan Crescent Cookie tradition. These were the holiday cookies my family cherished and Rose made for everyone each December. She even prepared, packaged and sent these holiday treats to three generations of the military. To this day, her Pecan Crescent Cookies are my all-time favorite cookie.

Whether accompanied by a cold glass of milk or one of Rose’s perfect gin martinis, Pecan Crescent Cookies make any day a holiday. Yep! I’m continuing the tradition and I’m baking Pecan Crescent Cookies for friends and family this year. And of course I’ll consider a tiny martini too. “Cheers” to Great-Grandma Rose Schade and her wonderful Pecan Crescent Cookie tradition. See the full recipe here.




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