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16 Aug 16

Did you know that sesame seeds can reduce high blood pressure, are good for your skin, and may ease the pain of arthritis? Not to (…)

12 Aug 16

You don’t have to have an avocado tree in your house to have a house full of avocados. There always seem to be plenty at the grocery store, (…)


This is a fantastic warm meal to start your day or have as a midnight snack. Healthy ingredients like almond milk, quinoa, and acai (…)

05 Apr 16

This savory recipe for a Tuscan tomato egg skillet is an amazing one dish meal that is perfect for breakfast, or on the weekends for (…)

30 Mar 16

This dip recipe is a crowd pleasing and family feeding appetizer. Whether as a snack to eat while watching agame, or as a evening extra, (…)

15 Mar 16

Think romance is only for Valentine’s day? Not so fast! Cooking Guru thinks that food should always be cooked with love, it just tastes (…)

05 Mar 16

The main ingredient to this baked dessert is one of this season’s stars: peaches, baked and cooked to perfection. They make a simple and (…)