Side Dishes From Around the World

Side Dishes From Around the World

To go with our World of Barbecue Skewers, we have come up with a selection of classic barbecue sides from around the world. Not always intended for barbecue, they do; however, go perfectly with our selection of grilled skewers!

You could stick to one and serve with the relevant skewer, or have a party with all the skewers and all the sides!

The chefs at Rattan Direct have created five global-inspired side dishes, click below to get the full recipes:

  1. Recipe for Spanish Patatas Bravas
  2. Recipe for Japanese Smashed Cucumbers
  3. Recipe for Proper Greek Tzatziki
  4. Recipe for Guacamole
  5. Lebanese Garlic Sauce

For more recipes from Rattan Direct, click here.


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