Instant Noodles Get Physically Functional

Instant Noodles Get Physically Functional


Instant Noodles Get Physically Functional

Instant noodles are a familiar, favorite convenience food. They’re cheap, they’re quick and easy to prepare, and they taste pretty good. They’ve enjoyed a long-term relationship with college students who are notoriously short on cash and kitchen skills.

But instant noodles have never been thought of as a nutritious food. Red Chopsticks aims to change that perception.

The company has introduced a line of products it calls ‘the world’s first functional instant noodles.’ It consists of four microwaveable noodle bowls.

â‹… Beauty Bowl with Marine Collagen and Vitamin E (Chicken flavor). The added collagen is said to help moisturize the skin and help reduce dryness and wrinkles.

â‹… Power Bowl with L-Carnitine (Hot & Sour flavor). L-Carnitine has been shown to promote healthy body weight by reducing body fat, and even to improve sperm count in men.

â‹… Kid Bowl with Omega-3 and DHA (Seafood flavor). Omega-3 fatty acids are heart-healthy and the fatty acid DHA promotes healthy brain development in young children.

â‹… Green Bowl with Dietary Fiber (Seaweed flavor). Fiber is needed to help the body absorb nutrition more efficiently.

All four varieties are free of MSG, with no trans fat, no preservatives or artificial colors.

It’s interesting that, at least in the naming of the Beauty Bowl and Power Bowl, Red Chopsticks places the emphasis on the functional benefit right up front, ahead of the flavor. The company obviously sees this functionality as the products’ key point of difference from other instant noodles.

So, they’re the better-for-you instant noodles…but how do they taste?

The Review

Our taste panel tried all four flavor/function varieties and found them all to be flavorful as well as functional and highly convenient. We also appreciated that the packaging/bowls were reusable as storage containers and are recyclable.

The Beauty Bowl (Chicken) flavor was rated best tasting overall, featuring a rich chicken broth that was satisfying and not too salty.

We also very much liked the Power Bowl (Hot & Sour Shrimp flavor), which had a real spice kick to it.

The Green Bowl (Seaweed flavor) received mixed reviews, with some quite enjoying it, while others found the seaweed taste a bit off-putting.

The Kid Bowl had a sweetness to it that will undoubted appeal to children, but we adults thought it a bit too sweet.

Bottom Line

General comments were overwhelmingly favorable. ‘I could eat this on a regular basis,’ said one enthusiastic taster. Whereas ramen noodles are thought to be ‘junk food, this stuff is real food,’ commented another. ‘Better flavor. Better for you.’

Chefs noted that it would be simple to use the rice bowls as soup starters by adding chicken or other meat protein, vegetables and spices.

In short, we were pretty much bowled over.

For more information on Red Chopsticks Instant Noodles, you may visit the company’s website.



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