Flame Diner: Most Unusual Thing on the Menu

Flame Diner: Most Unusual Thing on the Menu


Flame Diner: Most Unusual Thing on the Menu

When you hear the word “diner,” you have a certain expectation, especially in the New York or New Jersey area. Maybe it’s lox and bagels, or eggs and sausage, and a big round display case of cakes and pies.

So the “Grapefruit Crunch” on the menu at Flame Diner, near Central Park in New York City, was something of a surprise. It seems they’ve gotten the message that people are looking for more variety in their healthy choices—something beyond oatmeal. The dish was layered with a creamy yogurt, granola, raisins and chunks of sweet grapefruit, all served with a side of honey.  Delicious!

Of course, if you aren’t into grapefruit, there’s plenty more on the menu. This is also the place where you can get Oreo cookie pancakes with ice cream (yes, for breakfast).

Take your pick of the most unusual thing on the menu . . .



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