Easy No-Bake Frozen Blueberry Pie Recipe

Easy No-Bake Frozen Blueberry Pie Recipe

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time




If you have kids. you know that broken and crumbled toaster pastries are not rare. This recipe repurposes broken toaster pastries!

With just 3 ingredients, you can have a frozen delicacy that everyone will come back to for seconds. It takes 5 minutes to create this gluten-free dessert!

Are you a visual learner? Click here to watch the how-to videos.


  • 1 pint non-dairy dessert (we used So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert)
  • Ground allergy-friendly cookie crumbs (we used Enjoy Life Foods Sugar Crisp Crunchy Cookies)
  • 3 sleeves Glutino Blueberry Frosted Toaster Pastry, broken into pieces


  • 1 Place the pint of non-dairy frozen dessert in the refrigerator to soften for easier stirring (approximately 45 minutes).
  • 2 Using a mini chopper or food processor, grind up the Enjoy Life Foods cookies.
  • 3 Sprinkle the bottom of a casserole dish with the cookie crumbs.
  • 4 In a large bowl, combine the softened frozen dessert with pieces of Blueberry Frosted Toaster Pastry (size of pieces does not matter).
  • 5 Using a spatula, spread the toaster pastry and frozen dessert mixture on top of the cookie crumbs, then top with additional cookie crumbs.
  • 6 Cover tightly with plastic wrap and place in the freezer until firm.



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