Marshmallow Straw Tags

Marshmallow Straw Tags

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time



1 people

Are you tired of messy S’mores? Do you need a new party favor idea that doesn’t take a bunch of time? Try this!

A paper straw and just a few ingredients can quickly become a snack, treat and edible straw, all in one! These festive treats are a great way to ensure that everyone keeps their own drinks.

Chef Tracy Bush knows that you don’t have a ton of time, so make food easier on yourself!

Click here to see how Tracy creates these Marshmallow Straw Tags.

This recipe is gluten-free.


For Each Straw Tag

  • Glutino Animal Crackers
  • Colorful paper straws
  • Large marshmallows
  • Chocolate (such as Enjoy Life Foods)


  • 1 Pair up Glutino Animal Crackers and a colorful paper straw for each guest, set them aside
  • 2 Insert each paper straw into a large marshmallow, making sure the straw goes through the center, leaving the flat ends to attach the animal crackers
  • 3 Using melted chocolate, cover one of the flat marshmallow ends with chocolate
  • 4 Attach one animal cracker
  • 5 Carefully lean the complete end on a cutting board lined with waxed paper
  • 6 Do the same thing for the other side
  • 7 Allow the straws to cool completely
  • 8 Store them in an airtight container to keep them from getting stale
  • 9 Can be made the night before



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