3 Holiday Recipes Featuring 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Mint

3 Holiday Recipes Featuring 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Mint

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3 Holiday Recipes Featuring 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Mint


The 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Candy Bar recently celebrated its 75th anniversary by introducing the first brand extension in the candy bar’s history: 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Mint with Dark Chocolate, made of mint nougat wrapped in rich dark chocolate. And, for more great holiday and everyday dessert ideas visit Brightideas.com.

Described as a ‘lighter way to enjoy mint and chocolate,’ 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Mint has 45% less fat than the average of the leading chocolate brands.

New Holiday Recipes

Now, in partnership with The Food Channel culinary team, and in the spirit of the holiday season, three exclusive new recipes have been created for these minty, chocolaty candy bars.

Try the recipe for this decadently wonderful holiday dessert. It’s our Miniature Mint Brownie Sundae Stack >>

You’re sure to enjoy our sophisticated Chocolate Mint-Dipped Biscotti with Minty Mocha Latte >>

And kids of all ages will love our Snowman Mint Chocolate Cupcakes >> They are as adorable as they are delectable. We not only have the Snowman recipe, we also have a step-by-step photo tour with Chef Cari Price doing the ‘how-to’ duties, and check out the short music video below that lets your ‘Snowman’ come alive.


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