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02 Oct 15

This tomato and egg meal is incredibly healthy and will melt in your mouth. A touch of curry, a dash of salt and a hint of pepper is all (…)

29 Sep 15

The classic dinner dilemma: last minute dinner plans are made and you are responsible for serving dinner in fifteen minutes or less. (…)

26 Sep 15

September 26, 2015 8:13 pm · By:

Join KC Quaretti, Dorothy, and Toto for this special episode of Chat’n Dish featuring a traveling cake pan! KC was sent a special traveling (…)

04 Sep 15

There are tons of fruit salad recipes out there and most are easy enough to make, but we consider this fruit salad exceptional!¬†With (…)

30 Aug 15

This Mediterranean-inspired recipe combines the fresh flavors of tomato, cucumbers and two different contrasting cheeses to create a (…)

17 Aug 15

There’s still time to sneak in a picnic before summer goes away! Either way, this sandwich is so fresh, it’s like taking a picnic with (…)

KC is back in the kitchen, this time with a unique take on a dinner salad. Packed with healthy veggies, fresh fruit and delicious salmon, (…)

Chicago and New York can’t hold a candle to this mouth watering fruit pizza. Watermelon, grapes, pineapple, and coconut come together to (…)


May 18, 2015 11:52 am · By:

Need a vacation from the usual garden or Cesar salad? This Hawaiian inspired salad from Chef KC Quaretti is the perfect escape. With fresh (…)