A Journey for Your "Sophisticated Palate"

A Journey for Your "Sophisticated Palate"

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A Journey for Your "Sophisticated Palate"


Do you consider yourself a food and wine enthusiast? A bona fide foodie? Well, the Culinary Institute of America has designed an epicurean adventure tailored to your taste buds, called The Sophisticated Palate.

The CIA’s Sophisticated Palate programs are two- and four-day excursions that take you to the heart of Napa Valley for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Eat, Drink and Learn

Sophisticated Palate combines the best of culinary education in the CIA’s world-famous teaching kitchens at their Greystone campus (pictured, left) with daily journeys throughout the Napa Valley. You may descend into a sparkling wine cave and learn the secrets of veteran vintners, or savor the first oil pressing at an olive grove. You’ll taste the freshest local vegetables at a nearby farm. Or you may end your day with a barbecue under the stars at a local ranch. The Sophisticated Palate offers gastronomical experiences that are top-shelf all the way.

The program offers three unique epicurean adventures: ‘A Taste of Northern California;’ ‘The Live-Fire Cook;’ and ‘Cooking for the Next Half of Your Life.’ The curricula were developed and are taught by nationally-acclaimed wine and food educator John Ash (pictured, right).

Limited to 10 Participants Per Program

Included in each itinerary are intimate explorations of cuisines, flavors and culinary techniques, plus hands-on cooking instructions and lively discussions of current food issues with Chef John Ash and the CIA faculty. Exclusive walking tours of vineyards and visits to local purveyors of artisanal foods are other highlights.

The CIA expects the Sophisticated Palate program to appeal to wide audience. A recent poll conducted by Gourmet magazine and the International Culinary Tourism Association confirmed that culinary tourism accounts for 60 percent of U.S. leisure travel. And for food- and wine-related travel, California stands among the three top destinations.

The 2008 dates for The CIA Sophisticated Palate are:

Cooking for the Next Half of Your Life – May 21-22; August 19-22; September 23-26

A Taste of Northern California – June 10-13; July 15-18; August 5-8, September 9-12; October 14-17; October 28-31; November 11-14

Live-Fire Cook – June 25-26

Fees for the program are: $3,995/per person and $7,495/per couple for four-day events; $1,995/per person and $3,495/per couple for two-day events.

For more information, visit the CIA website.

Photos by Faith Echtemeyer, CIA


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