Arbor Mist Gets the Party Started

Arbor Mist Gets the Party Started

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Arbor Mist Gets the Party Started


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Inviting friends over? Arbor Mist® Wines can help you ramp up the fun with downloadable party games and rules on the winery’s Web site. Games include the classic Charades (in three different themes), plus a guessing game, Celebrity, and a quiz game, Spill it.

The Canandaigua, New York, winery is the winery that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering friendly, fruity wine flavors such as Melon White Zinfandel, Peach Chardonnay, and Mixed Berry Pinot Noir. They’ve got a fun tag line: “Can’t Resist the Mist.”

The “Party Central” game section of its Web site makes it clear this wine is all about having fun and enjoying the good times.

For Charades, Arbor Mist provides downloadable rules and info materials in three theme categories: 80’s Night, Funny Business, and Love Fest. “Celebrity” is an icebreaking guessing game for which Arbor Mist provides links for a quick how-to and star listings by category: movie stars, TV stars, and music stars. “Spill It” appears to be a Truth-or-Dare type quiz game that lets you discover just how well you really know your friends.

It’s all in the name of fun and all available at the Arbor Mist Web site.

So next time you’re having the gang over, why not open up a bottle of wine and a bag of chips and put your knowledge of pop culture on the line. Ready? Okay…first word…two syllables…


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