"Ball Girl" Makes All-Star Game Appearance

"Ball Girl" Makes All-Star Game Appearance

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"Ball Girl" Makes All-Star Game Appearance


Footnote to my earlier blog: Remember the amazing ball girl for the Fresno Grizzlies, the one who scaled the outfield wall as if in a kung fu movie to catch a foul ball? The incredible footage turned out to be a viral video perpetrated by ad marketers.

Well, it’s gone mainstream.

Saw it during that never-ending Major League All-Star game last week. (If it went 36 innings, would the National League still lose?) This time the footage had been cleaned up a bit and the Gatorade logo now came onscreen at the end. It had been transformed into a regular old TV commercial. Well-done. Ho-hum.

The thrill of discovery, of passing along this amazing video to friends and colleagues now passé. Although, as I said in that earlier blog, it had been kind of embarrassing that I thought the bogus action was “real.” Now the magic was really gone. At least for me.

But I must admit it was more entertaining than most of that ball game.


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