Breakfast Choices Not McLimited Anymore

Breakfast Choices Not McLimited Anymore

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Breakfast Choices Not McLimited Anymore


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New Chains Look at Serving Breakfast

With at least 20% (and possibly closer to 30%, depending on who you ask) of breakfast diners stopping at a nearby McDonald’s each day, that chain may have a firm hold on the breakfast market, but that’s not stopping others from looking for a piece of the estimated $34 billion (yes, billion with a ‘b’) pie.

Here are a few chains who are at least testing the big jump into the breakfast game:

  • Taco Bell is testing breakfast in several markets. Rumor has it, the breakfast menu includes items such as Country Breakfast Burrito, a sausage and bacon “Grilled Stuft” burrito, a Southwest sausage burrito, an egg, bacon and cheese burrito, and Breakfast Steak Quesadilla.
  • Wendy’s announced that it will begin serving breakfast in 20% of its stores. The rumored menu includes nugget-sized Western Omelet Bites for $1.99, a Breakfast Sandwich on pan bread or biscuit for $1.99 and a Big Breakfast Sandwich on a kaiser or Frescata roll offered at $2.49. Look for French Toast sticks to make an appearance too.
  • California Pizza Kitchen ASAP—The fast-casual sister of California Pizza Kitchen is serving breakfast pizzas, paninis and omelets in some locations.

Other chains making menu changes in an attempt to earn market share —

  • Burger King introduced its breakfast $1 menu with 10 items.
  • Hardee’s does 45% of its business at breakfast, and continually innovates with limited-time offerings. Most recently they are offering a smoked sausage biscuit that is meeting with mixed reviews.
  • Carl’s Junior, the Hardee’s sister brand, added a breakfast burger, ‘a charbroiled all-beef patty, Fresh Fried Egg, Crisp Bacon, American Cheese, Hash Brown Nuggets and Ketchup on a Sesame Seed Bun,’ to its growing breakfast business.
  • Subway serves breakfast at its nontraditional locations such as airports, universities and military bases. It has 6 different sandwiches in the basic cheese, egg, meat genre.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts, which has had bagel sandwiches on the menu (pictured here) for awhile, has now added oven-toasted flatbreads, pizzas and hash browns to an all-day menu.

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