Cool Pops Clean Up

Cool Pops Clean Up

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Cool Pops Clean Up


By Cari Martens

This product from looks good enough to eat! But if you did, you might find your retro experience more akin to having your mouth washed out with soap, than the cool taste of a summer popsicle.

The good news is these ice cream stick soaps smell great and look like great fun (notice bite mark – someone has a sense of humor). They are made with saponified oils and kosher glycerine so really do cleanse and moisturize. Sensory Appeal and Well-Being all rolled into one.

The bad news is that Watermelon, Neapolitan and Chocolate flavors – oops, I mean scents – are already sold out online. You can still get Lemon, a Raspberry scent called “The Love Stick” and one called Summer (pictured to left).

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