Fries That Stand Up to the Microwave

Fries That Stand Up to the Microwave

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Fries That Stand Up to the Microwave


By Cari Martens

The fast food industry has trained us to want our favorite foods fast-fast-fast. Even at home. Take french fries for instance. Even if you buy the frozen precut kind, you still have to fire up the Fry Daddy or wait for them to bake in the oven. That can take several minutes!!! You can microwave fries, but they come out pretty soggy.

But now, online retailer Harriet Carter has a kitchen gadget that claims to result in microwaved fries that taste like the Fast Food variety. The secret, evidently, is that this Microwave French Fry Maker keeps each fry separate from the others and standing vertically, which allows moisture to run off.

No fat or oil is required to cook up hot, crispy french fries. Plus you can serve them right from the dishwasher-safe cooker.

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