Gift Giving = Satisfaction all Through the Holidays

Gift Giving = Satisfaction all Through the Holidays

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Gift Giving = Satisfaction all Through the Holidays


Do you know what’s more satisfying than making a food gift and giving it away?

Making 27 food gifts, sharing them with your co-workers, and getting to taste each one of them!

Ok, so now you know I’m not completely giving and altruistic. I also enjoy getting and comparing and sharing. So our big holiday feature gives you the opportunity to do it all, too. You may not want to make all 27 of our ‘foodie gifts’ but I’ll bet you’ll want to make more than one.

We started out thinking we’d pick our favorites and feature them, but as chef after chef and writer after writer and all the others brought in their finished gift item, picking favorites became an impossible task. After all, how can you choose when there are so many delightful ideas?

We had a wonderful time preparing our series of food gifts for foodies (and others), oohing and ahhing with pleasure as we feasted with our eyes and, yes, our mouths. In fact, instead of a cookie exchange this year, try hosting a party and making a few of these gifts to share with your friends! (Although if you want to do a cookie exchange, be sure to check out our Virtual Cookie Exchange).

While going homemade is less expensive and more personal, keep in mind there is still a cost – and your recipients will recognize the money, time and effort put in to these gifts. Some of the ingredients can be pricey, and some of them take time to make. Regardless, for my money, this is the gift giving that makes sense. That’s why everyone – from the 100-year-old family friend in a nursing home, to my sisters-in-law, to my neighbors – will be getting one of these delectable treats, straight from my home to theirs.

I hope you enjoy the feature and find delight in trying a few of them for yourself.

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