Have a Coke (Shirt) and a Smile!

Have a Coke (Shirt) and a Smile!

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Have a Coke (Shirt) and a Smile!


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Sure, you’ve probably seen recycled paper used in a million different ways, such as paper bags, copy paper, file folders, even stationery. Now Coca-Cola has developed a new line of T-shirts called Drink 2 Wear. The shirts are available at the Coke website.

They let you proudly display environmentally friendly messages related, of course, to drinking their products. Sayings such as “Refresh, Recycle, Repeat,” “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Plastic,” and “Rehash Your Trash” grace these T-shirts. But the most interesting thing about them is that they’re made in part from recycled Coke bottles. At least three 20-ounce plastic bottles go into each and every shirt, more for the larger sizes. The shirts are made from a 50/50 blend of organic cotton and polyester, woven from the recycled bottles.

Look at Coke’s website for more products made from recycled Coke materials, including jewelry made from glass Coke bottles, bags made from recycled billboards, and a coin purse woven from recycled labels. The website gives you the scoop on how many bottles are included in each specific item, so you can see just how green you can be.


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