Holy Downtime Batman!

Holy Downtime Batman!

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Holy Downtime Batman!


The Food Channel servers are quite literally located in a cave 85 feet below ground. Theoretically, it’s a hardened environment safe from natural and unnatural disaster. Immune from failure, with its own power substation, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supplies and battery banks. In case that fails, we have diesel generators on hand to weather the catastrophic failure that would have to occur in order to take down our system.

This is in theory, because this week we have experienced downtime associated with upgrades to the facility as well as a literal lightning strike.

This past weekend we blew up some hardware, and it took a few trips to the bat cave to get everything up and running again.

The second round was truly a KA-POW!

We locate our servers there, specifically for their state of the art, redundant infrastructure. In the end, however, ‘fault tolerant’ is not equal to ‘fail proof.’

We apologize for the inconvenience,

—The Food Channel Editorial Staff


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