Honey You Can Hold

Honey You Can Hold

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Honey You Can Hold


By Cari Martens

Portability is a key food ingredient these days, but there are some we just figured would always be messy. Well, Island Abbey Foods Ltd has come out with a honey you can hold in your hands. The Honey Dropâ„¢ is an individual serving (one teaspoon/5 g.) of 100% pure dried honey without any additives or binding agents.

The Honey Dropâ„¢ is recommended for sweetening tea or coffee. Simply drop into a hot beverage and stir. You have all of the natural honey flavor without the usual honey mess.

Inventor and entrepreneur John Rowe first conceived the concept of no mess honey after several liquid honey accidents in the 1990’s. After spending many years searching, Mr. Rowe realized that an all natural, dried honey product did not exist. “I have seen many dried and candied honey products; however, they all contained sugar, corn syrup, or other additives,” stated Rowe. “I did not want corn syrup in my tea. I decided to take measures into my own hands, and several years later the Honey Dropâ„¢ is the result.”

The Honey Dropâ„¢ comes in two flavors: pure honey and pure honey and lemon. The Honey Dropâ„¢ has a shelf life of one year and does not contain any artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives.

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Image used by permission. Copyright © Island Abbey Foods Ltd. 2008.


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