Late Night Delivery Like Mom Used to Bake

Late Night Delivery Like Mom Used to Bake

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Late Night Delivery Like Mom Used to Bake


By Cari Martens

Late night is not just for pizza anymore. Now students can have hot fresh cookies delivered to their dorm rooms late at night. You might call it a Pacifier for those stressful all-nighters, straight to you from Insomnia Cookies.

Their history says, “As undergrads, we figured out what was missing from the perfect college experience: dependable late night food delivery. It seems that every night at about the same time, students get hungry, either because they study hard, they party hard, or both. Insomnia Cookies was born out of our dislike of heavy meals late at night, our love of food delivery, and our realization that by the time we got hungry at night, nothing was open.” The founders began in 2003 at the University of Pennsylvania, delivering cookies and milk around campus.

If it sounds good to you, call 1.877.63.COOKIE – they claim nationwide delivery in the Continental U.S.

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